Terry Fox

September is a month when we think of the Canadian hero - Terry Fox.  

Here are some resources to teach his inspiring story and keep his dream alive of eliminating the destructive disease of cancer. 

1. Ontario Reader pages 6-7. Great reading and exercise. See attached below for just the Terry Fox exercise.

2. This TED Ed exercse I made to go with the Terry Fox ESPN video.  Goes with the worksheet / timeline activity attached below. 

Other things to do:

1.  Read this article and make a timeline of the life of Terry Fox. Present it to the class. 

2.  Do this online lesson about Terry Fox at the Canadian broadcasting system. 

3. This pinterest page has loads of additional references to resources. 

4. Students can read this book on Gif Lingua and study the vocabulary. Teachers sign up to download books! 

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0