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April 2018 Newsletter

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efl 2.0 Newsletter April 2018


So many new resources!

Over 75 new comprehensive resources added this month! Banking, Gun Control, Emotions, World Cup Project   , English is Crazy , Love Story in Milk and more  ....


50 Ways To Learn English (without a teacher)

Another 50 list!  Share with students and get them developing towards being independent learners. Also view all the 50 lists



ELT Professionals On LinkedIn

We have wonderful, insightful discussions about teaching on ELT Professionals.  Come join in on the conversation. See this recent archive of our most popular discussions.  Learn with the best as we explore the realities of teaching English. 



Fortune. A Netflix Type Series

I'm recommending this series for ELLs. Really well produced and your students will be entranced. Read what I have to say about it and get the episodes. 


Support EFL 2.0

We work 7 days a week to bring teachers the best resources - all vetted and complete. If you have got access without paying - a donation would be appreciated! It all helps.  


Career Change - Find Me On Patreon

A little personal message. I recently resigned from EnglishCentral after 8+ years building it into an international digital publisher. I'm now going fully freelance.  Join me as I soft launch on Patreon and share my knowledge.  See the reward levels. I'll be sharing there daily. Also, see my resume and profile page and hire me!  Curriculum, conference presentations, teaching training - I have decades of experience and references. 


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