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April 2019 Newsletter

David - Teacher Founder

Conference season continues out there in the TEFL universe. TESOL just finished theirs (read my report about here). IATEFL is this week. Those attending enjoy but let's all remember the "real" professional development is the little voice inside ourselves - judging, questioning, refining, reflecting .... let's nurture that. 

Below find  many  new resources that might help you spice up your lessons. Also appreciate any support you can throw our way by purchasing a product. I've consolidated them in a new store. Each $ helps us pay the bills. 

Enjoy your teaching this month! 

A Lesson A Day
31 lesson inspirations + links to additional resources on the same theme. Just use each slide and get your students speaking ....            
Discuss It
The perfect "video snack". Just select a video, watch and then use the discussion questions with students. It works!         
More Resources ......
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We spend hours each day helping teachers and need your support! 
Resources about this month. Also see our Environment resources for Earth Day and Patriot Day resources
Movie Cards
Guess the Movie cards and more fantastic movie related materials. A premium product. 
Complete resources for this important topic. Includes discussion questions. 
Road Trip
New generic template for students to plan their own road trip added.  
Favorite Things
New conversation cards to get students speaking about their favorite things.
The Body
 More resources added to this topic.
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Scroll through our pages or search for the lesson materials you need. All materials are vetted and approved. No sloppy, error filled stuff!                                                                                                    

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