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August 2010 newsletter

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Dear EFL 2.0 members,  

So much happening on our community this month.  I've been doing lots of "cleaning house" to help you get great content, meet great teachers and help teachers live and learn. I emphasize LIVE because we do need to look after ourselves, love ourselves and believe in ourselves - that belief is the engine that drives us all I believe. 

Please visit the 30th ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival we hosted - now LIVE!

One quick self-plug. I'll be interviewed tomorrow by the distinguished Steve Hargadon of  Classroom 2.0 and much more - a person whose done a lot of work in social networking and education. Please join us. I'm sure to tell a lot of stories about EFL Classroom and we'll have some good banter about "The Future Of Education". Live and interactive webinar. 8pm EST.

What's New

1.  A Paint Job. Take a look at our new main page and footer on the main page!  New tab navigation for quick access to the best updated content. New search focus / links. Lots of essential, quick links for access in the footer. Yahoo




2. EnglishCentral trial for new members (and everyone who is a member). 

Tell your friends to sign up or check it out yourself (I've made sure regular members can access). Premium access for you and 10 students. Try it out  Only for our members because of my own work there. Details HERE


3.  VOA coursebook and Non- Fiction readers. 

I really believe so many students love learning about the world. They truly do. And what better way than through the power of Content Based Instruction with these incredible resources.  The VOA coursebook and videos is the best "evergreen" content offered by Voice of America. The Non - Fiction graded readers offer great reading and quizzes about this interesting world for all levels. 

Say hello and get connected or see all our latest members here.


What's Hot (or not)

Why not like us on Facebook? You'll get great updates of what's going on here on the community. Thanks to all who lately "liked"!

Lessons In A Can PDF ebook for supporters! I'm going to make it easy to get the lessons and use them with this ebook I'm working on. 

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