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August 2017 Newsletter

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Dear EFL Classroom 2.0 members,  

Some important news.  

Unfortunately, after a very long time,  as of Sept. 01, EFL 2.0 will become a paid community.  

One payment for a lifetime membership. $25.  I hope you'll support the community.  Members who've previously paid or supported EFL 2.0 in the past - you'll have continued lifetime access. 

This $25 membership will also give you 4 months free access to Gif Lingua teacher tools and resources. Download 1,000s of worksheet  sets, books, use the LMS to assign books for student reading, write books with quizzes etc ... It's a reading/writing paradise. You can support Gif Lingua here.

I'm trying my dang darndest to find a sustainable model to make enough to support the time and effort I make on behalf of ELT. I value my resources and platforms. I hope you will too. It's only the price of a few cups of coffee. 

There still is a whole lot of free stuff available - I'll highlight them in the coming weeks. Also peruse our LinkedIn community and online magazine

Regards, happy teaching. Thanks always for your support. enjoy all the new resources below. 


"When one teaches, two learn"

PS.  Search on the site has been fixed!!! You'll have lightning fast, exact search guaranteed. I invested a lot of time and money into this so you can find what you need. 

New & Recommended

1. Hiroshima

 August 6th, we commemorate and sadly remember the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Get resources for teaching about this important, seminal event. 

Go Here >>>>


2.  Word Association Lesson Idea

It's great lesson idea. Simple but engaging for all levels of learners. Watch how this one teacher does it. 

View >>>   


3. 50 Things To Do The First Week Of School

This is a classic from the "50 Lists". Lots of great ideas and a nice checklist too for teachers to keep track of their first weeks. 

View here >>>>

4. Courses

I mentioned in this newsletter free things. This is one of them. Our community has a course site.  This month only, students can join our English 1 course for free!  Study with great videos and quizzes. 

5. New On Gif Lingua

Now over 3,000 free leveled readers for students. Teachers - sign up and use our LMS. Make student accounts, get students writing books, reading books and studying the additional quizzes/flashcards and videos. Here is a video tutorial of the new LMS.  

This week we'll also be launching a Quiz Category. All books there will have reading quizzes and you'll be able to track your students scores and even write books with quizzes for students to do. 

Here are just a few of the most recent books. 

Christopher Columbus   |     Taylor Swift    |    Why Exercise?   |  

 Beyonce  |   Hachiko   |   First - Then     |    The Deserted Island

7. EnglishCentral 

EnglishCentral continues to grow and be THE place for teachers to teach with the world's best videos - it's the Youtube of language learning. Check it out and visit our Academic Page. .Download the app in the stores - it's amazing and award winning .... 

Visit EnglishCentral >>>


8. New Blog Posts & Magazine

Every month we have many new blog posts and also a published online magazine. 

New blog posts:   Conference Qualities  |  Tech Use Tips    |  If Teachers Were Doctors

What's More.....

Did you know all members can study our video lessons, do the quiz and get a free TEFL Certificate?  Study HERE.

Also, see all our recent resources, blog posts and  recent videos

Get all the latest updates with these links below! 

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