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Dear EFL Classroom 2.0 members,  

This newsletter is all about "Back To School".  Resources, tips and everything that might help you at the beginning of a class, course or school year.

But a personal note. 

I've recently made an important change to the site after much, much thought.  EFL Classroom 2.0 is now fully open - invite all your colleagues, your students can access any page.  Lots of reasons why - read more about it HERE

I thank from the bottom of my heart all the teachers who supported the community with a payment - you'll continue to have access to our Digital Resources site. If you've paid but don't have access to it, shoot me an email

Good luck with the start of the school year and please tell all your colleagues to check us out - we have over 420,000 resources available! 


"When one teaches, two learn"

New & Recommended

1. 50 Things To Do The First Week Of School

One of our most viewed "50 Lists".  Great links and suggestions for all teachers - to set things up for success. 

Read it here >>>


2.  The New Teachers Checklist

I designed this for new teachers but works for any teacher starting in a new job or school. So much to keep track of and this checklist will help you keep things in order. 

View Here >>>


3. Top 20 EFL Classroom Resources

Our community has so much available to teachers. So much that will help you make the school year a success - thousands of complete lessons with resources and more ...  Take a peek at these essential things on EFL Classroom 2.0. 

Go Here >>>>

4. Gif Lingua

Our app is just around the corner. 1,000s of books for student reading and studying. 

I invite all teachers to use the site and also send me feedback (use the ? icon on all pages).  Soon even students will be able to write books and teachers assign books for reading. It's exciting - I'm building a complete corpus of language with gifs. 

Visit Gif Lingua Books >>>>>

5. Magazine, Newsletters, Discussion

Every month we have many new blog posts and also a published online magazine. 

Our Teaching English Magazine highlights all the best posts about education and language on the web. It's a must resource for keeping update. 

Our LinkedIn group also offers great professional development opportunities.

Our Newsletters, over 100, offer suggestions about resources on the community.  Also see new resources HERE. 

What's More.....

Also, see all our recent resources, blog posts and  recent videos

Get all the latest updates with these links below! 

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