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December 2017

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The Impossible Present

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Dear EFL Classroom 2.0 members,  

Wishing everyone a great holiday season. I hope all teachers get a well deserved break with family, friends, food and fun. 

However, we still have much of December to go and we're here to help you out. Find loads of new resources and highlights of our best Xmas resources below

As always, keep updated about new resources with our constantly updated resource magazine.  

Please share the news about EFL Classroom 2.0 and the good work we are doing here. We're old school but good school.  We still need your support and join hundreds of other teachers as Lifetime Supporters to help us pay our bills.  Also, please Like us on FB.



"When one teaches, two learn"

New & Recommended

1.  It's Christmas Time! 

See all our Xmas resources, they've recently been cleaned up and now all ready for use.  Try our tag search for "Christmas" also. Need discussion questions for Xmas - try our Xmas discussion prompt generator.

Highly recommend this post about my fav Christmas videos for the ELT class.  Also, see our 50 list of ideas for teaching during the holidays!  

Gif Lingua also has some great books. Register as a teacher to invite students and track reading. Also download lesson materials for each book. Now over 3,000 books! 

I really want teachers to check out the lesson materials for each book and how books can be downloaded and used offline. So MY CHRISTMAS GIFT - register as a teacher this week or contact me and you'll get upgraded for a month full access! Just give me some time to upgrade you once I see your registration. 

Also check out the app. 

Check Out all our pages of Xmas resources>>>


2.  It's A Wonderful Life 

A classic movie for the holidays. Get all our lesson materials for teaching this great film.  Also, BIG with Tom Hanks is another good Christmas film. Get the full student book to teach the full movie!  

Get the resources >>>


3. New Resources -  View our our new resources magazine 

*  Suffixes    *  More resource books   *  Gif News

*  Words, words, words - all time favorite

*  English Mania      *   Guess the sound - White Noise App

*  Telling Lies   *  Butterflies   *  World Problems

The whole list of recent resources HERE or try our Latest List


4. EnglishCentral

The absolute beginner content keeps getting better and better!  See the Beginners Course - Level 1.   Also the Christmas vocabulary course.

Why not offer full EnglishCentral access to your students over the holidays?

Want to find out more how you can use EnglishCentral at your school and join thousands of other schools?  Contact us and we'll set up a call or answer your questions. 

Register as a teacher >>>>


5. Community Conversations 

There have been a lot of interesting articles and conversations about teaching English on our LinkedIN community. See a few below.

Stay informed by subscribing to your inbox, notifications of new articles through our weekly magazine.   

The Sapir - Whorf hypothesis

EFL Powerpoint Games

Should we teach reading aloud?

View the Teaching English Magazine >>>    

What's More.....

Also, see all our recent resources, blog posts and  recent videos

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Teachers - giving the gift of learning.


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