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Note: EFL Classroom will be closing Dec. 31st, 2019.   Paid members will get free trial membership to the new resource library for teachers - ELT Buzz Teaching Resources.

Thank you again for your support of our community. We intend to keep providing you with excellent support and resources. Any problems, click "Contact Us" above and we'll respond ASAP. 


Your Premium Download Links. 

1. Teach Learn Coursebook + Videos + Resources

2.  NEW sets! Discussion Cards (complete sets)

3.  Pop Song eBook Lyric sheets + Videos

4.  Famous Speeches Listening Workbook + Videos

5.  Voa Video Stories Workbook + Videos

6.  Top 100 Youtube Videos + Resources ebook

7.  Best Funny Stories

8.  BIG - the movie activity book

9.  Second Language Singers Songbook

10. Worksheets File Folder Access - Complete Library

11. Get Talkin' Conversation Chunks eBook

12. Phrasal Verbs Prompts   |   Phrasal Verbs + Exercises PPTx

13. Zen And The Act Of Teaching - Reflective Journal

14. Language In Use Instructional PPTx

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