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EFL Classroom + EnglishCentral Trial

We are happy to provide registered teachers with a free 1 month Premium trial of EnglishCentral , the world's leading platform for teaching with video.  You'll get 50 Premium seats that you can assign to students.  Just click HERE to request a trial.

The trial will help you test drive our teacher tools and see how your students will like learning with our video based lessons.

To Get Started Simply:

1.Register as a teacher on EnglishCentral.

2. Set up your class page of videos and assign the gift of Premium access to your students

I've put a lot of work, my own knowledge and passion into EnglishCentral.  We've created it so that a teacher can easily set up a class and teach students using video lessons and courses.  Attend a weekly webinar to learn more.  

Here's a simple explanation below.  See the EnglishCentral blog for How It Works and Resources, pages to help you learn more about EnglishCentral.  

Also, our Overview presentation.  See an example class page.    email me: david@englishcentral.com - We can discuss all your school's needs. We are here to work with schools and teachers around the world!

Here's a handy video tutorial outlining the process.   Have a great time using EnglishCentral with your students!


Director of Education - EnglishCentral

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