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Jan. 19 Newsletter


David - Teacher Founder

It's a new year and time for a new look!   We've been busy over the holidays and looking forward to a great 2019 teaching year. 

Find all our newest resources and information below in our "new" newsletter. 

I'll be making a new journey and career turn in 2019 I'll be retiring the news magazine I've curated for the last 6 years and starting up a new platform filled with all the current news, community and information to help all English language teachers. I hope you'll join me. Stay tuned for an announcement soon!

As always, welcome to teacher training and speaking invites. Find out more through my personal page

Enjoy a sparkling year of teaching in 2019! 

New Year Resolutions
Get the resolution card printables + use our in class discussion generator for endless discussion and lesson materials for teaching resolutions and the future tense. 
These animations and short videos are perfect for any classroom. We have materials, print ready for all the Pixar films. Here are some more.
For your information
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Lots of information and resources to teach this important topic. 
Conversation cards, games and a complete lesson on this fun topic.  
A lot is happening in January. Check out our month research resources. Also Martin Luther King Day and our 2019 class calendars. 

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