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Jan 2015 Newsletter

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Dear EFL Classroom 2.0 members,  

Let's celebrate our wonderful community - 2015 is going to be a great year! 

We have made some changes regarding access to EFL Classroom 2.0 and please read about them here. Also get some suggested "main" content on the community - from 50 lists to our Teach Learn techbook. 

The bottom line is, we have a great community. So let's celebrate.  See all the best on EFL Classroom 2.0 below - for your reference and to help you in your classroom.  

Happy teaching and learning in 2015,


"When one teaches, two learn"


1.  "The Runner" - a video lesson

This new Lesson In A Can, now available to all members, is stellar, authentic language lesson material. Get the video too.   

View It >>>


2.  EnglishCentral Goes Mobile! 

Get the Android and iOS apps, the ultimate language learning and teaching experience. We've worked so hard to make this come true and teachers can assign video lessons for students to complete on their tablets/smartphones. Try them out - they are free! 

Get The EC Apps >>>


3. Basic TESOL Certificate Course 

Now available with your EFL Classroom 2.0 membership. Complete the video lessons + quiz and get your certificate. The course has changed but comes with your membership as a gift for your commitment to our community. Celebrate and become a better teacher! 

View The Course>>>  


4. Overlooked But Well Used

We have so much that teachers use day in and day out.  Here is a very shortlist of these resources.

Best Videos   |     Teacher Tools    |      Top 5      |      Transl8it  

 BAAM         |  What The Wordle  |  Pop Songs  |    #1 In ELT


6. Not using Digital Resources? Why not? 

Thank you to all Supporters for your support over the years! Yeah! All supporters now get access to Digital Resources - the ultimate ELT resource library. Regular EFL 2.0 members can subscribe there.  Those not yet a member of EFL Classroom 2.0 can purchase access to the community and it will be included. Please tell your colleagues and fellow teachers. The value is immense - $29.95 for a lifetime, a fraction of what others charge for so much less.... Again, thank you everyone! 

View Digital Resources >>>    

What's More.....

Also, see all our recent resources, blog posts and  recent videos

Get all the latest updates with these links below! 

Recommended Videos |  Lesson A Day  |  What's New  |  Leaderboards

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