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Dear EFL Classroom 2.0 members,  

I hope things are going well over the summer months. We've slowed down on the community but there is still a lot to share. Please see everything of note below. 

Besides what's recommended below, make sure to check out our Teaching English magazine and New Resources magazine

Happy teaching and learning,


"When one teaches, two learn"

New & Recommended

1. EnglishCentral Summer Trial

I'm providing a full, free trial to all community members. We've added a lot of great content recently, including a full absolute beginners course and a teacher education course

Activate the trial by: 

1. Signing up as an EnglishCentral teacher (if not one already)

2. Creating a class, set up goals, add video courses/lessons

3. Click "Purchase" and enter the trial code: 3117-9693-8860

4. Invite students to your class page URL, they'll automatically get upgraded.

I'm here to answer any and all questions. EnglishCentral is used by millions of students daily, full mobile access, daily new video lessons, custom courses and more  ....  david@englishcentral.com 

Read about "Why EnglishCentral Works" >>>


2.  The Olympics

They are almost here and I bet your students are psyched! We've updated all our Olympic materials, including new video lessons and ppts. Check them out and maybe add some of your own. 

View Here >>>


3. LinkedIn Professional Discussions

Our group of 50,000 teachers never ceases to amaze me.  So many great, informative discussions to benefit all teachers. 

Recent discussions include - Benefits or reading aloud, Using stories, Kahoot and Producing the target language.

List of discussions >>>>

4. Gif Lingua

We continue to publish hundreds of books each month. All with Quizlet study quizzes. The perfect extensive reading resource over the summer. Registered teachers can download and also write / copy books. Plus, see this presentation about how easy it is to print all the quizzes and flashcards for any book!   This fall I'll allow teachers to assign and track book reading plus students can use our apps. 

Animal Alphabet   |     Tour de France   |  Puctuation  |    This Summer  |  Classic novels     |   Branches of Science  |  Put collocations  |  Plants

5. New Blog Posts & Magazine

Every month we have many new blog posts and also a published online magazine. 

Our magazine highlights all the best posts about education and language on the web. It's a must resource for keeping update. 

Our LinkedIn group also offers great professional development opportunities.

New blog posts:   Storybook making  |  Books by teachers 4 teachers    |  The ignorant schoolteacher   |   The 50 Lists

What's More.....

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