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July 2018 Newsletter

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efl 2.0 Newsletter JuLY 2018


Top 100 Youtube Videos!

Updated list + resources for each top video. Download the sample list and purchase to support the community and get videos and resources. Visit the Youtube playlist.


Teaching The News

Great resources to teach current events and discuss the news. Templates to get students speaking and exploring world issues.



A Verified Quizlet Creator

EFL Classroom has the most complete and best sets for studying vocabulary using Quizlet's amazing functionality. Check them out. You'll like what you see. So will your students. 



Hire Me!

Iconic video lesson where a young man sings out his resume. Perfect just as a song or a hook for a business oriented lesson.  


Teaching Recipes

Our sister site full of short ideas and basic resources for teaching English. Get your classroom cooking using this new and improved site. 


Pop Song Activity Book

New and Improved!  Hundreds of classic and recent song worksheets from all the popular artists. Especially chosen for ESL and EFL students. Access song audio with a click (ad free). Never be at a loss for a listening lesson. Music works!


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