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July Newsletter

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Dear EFL 2.0 members,

Happy Canada Day to any of you Canucks out there (I'm one!). Just a short newsletter this month with a few things that might help you with your teaching in the classroom.

First, all bloggers please note we'll be hosting the next ELL / ESL / EFL Blog Carnival. It'll be a great party and get details HERE. The theme is all posts helpful to new teachers. 

Don't forget to check out the Free Summer Trial Offer from EnglishCentral that I've arranged. So much you can do on EnglishCentral and even just getting your students to study vocabulary and clip lists there is a great start - all free.  Get more info. HERE and your access code for 30 Premium seats for you and your students over the summer. 

The Olympics are jut around the corner and make sure to take a look at our Olympic page and links. Lots there, videos, resources and more..... The Olympic project is a great idea too.

 I've worked hard to make a very useful ebook in PDF for all teachers: Pop Songs and Resources to learn English.  Full of lyrics and activities + videos.  Now available to all members. Enjoy! 

 Stay updated with our  Scoop It newsletter update or Pinterest boards. Please pass the find on and share!  Or check all the latest or Top Content



Our forum has lots of great info. but a lot of our talk is now on our LinkedIn group. Please join us and network with the best ELT teachers and group around. 

What's New
Have you checked out our Public Blog?  Lots there to browse. 

We have lots of professional development areas on the site, why not take the opportunity to do some of your own PD?  Try Teacher TV. Or our page of Teacher Training Presentations. Lots more under the DEVELOP tab on the site.  Also try the Zen and the Act of Teaching reflective journal I published for all our members. 

             Recommended Videos | Lesson A Day | Teach/Learn coursebook   

Say hello and get connected or see all our latest members here.

What's Coming Up .... Stay TUNED.

Over the summer I'll be preparing a new broadcast series and I'll be asking for members to participate each week. Stay tuned for more info. before we go live come Sept! 

That's all - View all our previous newsletters HERE! 

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