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Lesson In A Can #124 - Simply The Best

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124 Simply The Best

This video based lesson gets students talking about their preferences and opinions regarding "what is best".

1. Start the lesson by drawing on the board the word "BEST"and asking students to make questions using, "Who is the best.....?". 

Students can answer with the names of classmates or famous people. 

2.  Play the video, Simply The Best. First play without the lyric sheet and let students listen and count how many times the word "BEST" is said.  (4 times).  Alternatively, you can ask one half of the class to list all the jobs/occupations they see. The other half lists all the actions they see. Match the two later. 

3. Handout out the worksheets. Watch the video again checking answers and listening/reading to the lyric sheet. 

4. Do the activities individually, in groups or as a class.   Famous people /  The best in the class and also a Survey of classmates.   

5. Take up the exercises.

6. End by having the students write about someonethey think are "simply the best". 

Of course, as they write, play the song!

This lesson I may add is "Simply The Best"!

Resources:  Worksheets/Handouts

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