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Lesson In A Can #41 - One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others



This is a very powerful way to teach and also teach and get students to use higher level thinking skills.
I took my inspiration from the Sesame Street song/video. You might play the video and sing the song and I've included it in the attached powerpoint.

Warm up -- Choose 4 objects and present them to students. Ask the students how they are similiar / different. Then ask the students to choose one object and state why it is different. Put up the structure on the board.

The _______ doesn't belong because ____________________.

Next. a) give students a pile of flashcards or cut up pictures of things.
b) have students write out a pile of words for things on slips of paper.
Ask the students in groups or pairs to play the game and taking 4 random cards/things, state which one doesn't belong.

Finally, play the attached ppt game. Give students a few thinking songs to make a list for each slide (there are many "doesn't belongs!) You will find the students will be so creative usually! Give them points for each statement they come up with....

And keep singing the song....One of these things is not like the others...one of these things doesn't belong. Can you tell me which doesn't belong .... by the time I finish this song....  Play the famous Sesame Street video to end or begin the lesson!


RESOURCES: Not Like the Other Things.ppt    |    Flash Version      |     Worksheet

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