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Favorite Movie about Teaching?

Started by ddeubel in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel 21 hours ago. 88 Replies

I'd like to compile a list of movies…Continue

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Learning Communities

Started by Allan Richards in Teaching and Methodology Oct 27, 2017. 0 Replies

Hey everyone!I am new to the forum and am curious how you feel learning communities benefit educators when it comes to developing a collective responsibility as educators. Do you feel a forum like…Continue


Started by Christina Shepherd in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Oct 26, 2017. 1 Reply

How does implementation help you out throughout the year? I am curious to know what things have worked for you and what things have not worked for you through an implementation standard.  Continue

ABCs - Alphabet Resources or Ideas?

Started by NEWS NOW in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Sep 19, 2017. 74 Replies

I guess the alphabet is our bread…Continue

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May 2010

  "April Showers bring May flowers"    May  2010
Happy Spring!

Fellow EFL 2.0 Members,

Wow!  What a month. Yes, it rained! Rained knowledge. So much has happened and all I can say is "Hallellujah" to that.  New gossip, new blogs, new members galore, new energy, new stress and new bless. Let's as all teachers do - roll with it..... Let's make flowers. Find all the newest below.    Cheers,


Ning, the Apocolypse  and the "next big thing"  .....
Eng. Central

I"ve replied to literally dozens of members who asked about "Ning" , the software provider for  our commmunity. Ning recently stated that on May 4th, they'd announce new decisions regarding no longer being "free".  First, let me say that I've long, long, long - been fiighting the good fight with Ning on behalf of teachers/students. Too much to mention. Second, for our community, nothing changes. I've always paid and will always continue to do so. Least I can do to contribute to the world and make it better. I say that sincerely. Lastly, yes, there will be pain for many smaller  networks and also some pain for us (because of linked content). We WILL find a way. I will help  and develop new, free ways for teachers to connect with students and the like minded.  That's one thing I know and wave the flag about --- education is finding new energy and possibility through technology. Free too.  So don't worry - the battle has long been going and knowledge, curiosity, learning will win the day. It IS innate and that can't wait.

I'll be posting more on options. For the moment,  I'll offer 2, straight up. For younger students - start using EDU 2.0   and for older students, you probably can't go wrong with Social Go. If you know a little about technology - go with Elgg.  My basic recommendations. Of course, for a simple thing - you never can go wrong with a WIKI.

Video of the Month

This month's "hottest" is another example of "student created content" or SCC. Donna injected energy into her class and she got energy back. Please take a listen/watch.  Many honorable mentions this month: The Marshmallow Test - a fascinating look at motivation and students. Google Logos- Doodling for Google and quizzing students. Baby Signing got a lot of looks - about L1 language development - for all you mothers out there (and fathers!)!

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

View our whole directory of hundreds of THE BEST VIDEOS. Don't forget ourA/V Player and I'd also suggest our amazing   TED Talks player!  This month on Teacher's TV, I will be highlighting workshops about teaching.

New and Recommended Resources

Recently, I published Lessons in a Can in PDF. Please share it and get people using it. All the lessons are updated and I'll be adding more soon.  Further, see the new World Cup Resouces page. It's fast approaching!  I'll also recommend long time (and so happy) member,  Ana Maria's wonderful ebook on how to use many Web 2.0 tools! Lots morein resources- new posters, games, mastering English, ppts, the weather, books, elementary clip art, BAAM games and so much more. It was our busiest sharing month EVER.

Recent "shows" include Google Logos,  10 Commandments of Teaching/Learning  and this amazing interactive map of Africa. (thanks Ellen! and perfect for the World Cup!)  Ellen also gave us this amazing - World of 100.   I welcome any thoughts on my recent publication of The Tao of Teaching.

Learning Lab!

Eng. Central     We now have a language learning lab . A full leveled system of interactive computer learning activities that are freely available online. They even work better with an interactive Whiteboard! Also, see the new additions in our Teacher's Toolbox!

Ongoing Discussions and Highlighted Blogs!

WHY NOT START YOUR OWN BLOG  TODAY?   - we have thousands of viewers daily.  Better - comment on all our fine bloggers posts. I really cherish those who contribute and think this an excellent way not just for others but for YOU to grow as a teacher. It really helps sort out your beliefs and practices.

Have you seen our#1 Series?  It is just one mention of the BEST. I'd also suggest many more blog posts this month - such as.....  Does Google Have All the Answers?Student Created Content and Resources , Board Work  and Classroom Design and Decoration.

Member of the Month and more...
   Christina Milos' , a delightfully cheerful and curious teacher from Romania is definitely over deserving of this month's award! She shares, sparkles with energy and oozes committment and love for her students. Vist her page and say THANK YOU or better, take a look at all the photos of her class she has shared!


   If you hadn't noticed, that thread that weaves and makes the clothes we wear is "connection" Besides our own network, iwe are active in so much outraach!
Check out our new SWICKI - an ELT only search engine. Share and embed on your own page. Vote on your favorite sites to promote in the search.  Also, check out all these great ELT bloggers! Or start twittering by making friends withthese great tweeters.... There is a lot of connecting we can do!


What's coming up.....
Last year, I started an elearning or LMS (Learning management system). Alas, my best intentions ran arye and it was plagued with so many virus and security problems. I had to put it into the dustbin of history. However, I'm busy working on a full, up to date alternative and I'll launch this month. I'll send you a notice. It will have everyithing so you as a teacher can freely sign up, sign in and invite students to particpate in the wide eyed world of online learning and sharing! Stay tuned!


        Do you know that each week we get between 200 - 300 NEW members? I welcome you all and take pride that you found our little community that "could" and "can". Please reach out, ask questions and contribute. In return, I ask other members to welcome them when you can with a message and "HELLO!". Let's continue with the friendly! Also, look below on the main page and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to those lucky members.

     Please pass this public newsletter on!        Find here previous newsletters!

Eng. Central


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