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Dear EFL Classroom 2.0 members,  

I hope all goes well in your school and classroom. 

We have many new resources to share this month. Also professional development opportunities.  I appreciate members sharing our private community and letting others know about what we are doing and about. 

Besides what's recommended below, make sure to check out our Teaching English magazine and New Resources magazine

Happy teaching and learning,


"When one teaches, two learn"

New & Recommended

1. Virtual Roundtable - May 6th to 8th

I have supported this online webinar series each year and recommend that if you have some free time, please join some of the excellent sessions. 

I'll be presenting on Saturday, sharing thoughts about using Gifs as language learning objects and sharing tools and tips for using them in class.   

Visit the Round Table Event Site >>>


2.  Mother's Day

Here is a nice lesson and activity for Mother's Day. 

Thank You Mom >>>


3. A new video snack lesson

Very short, snappy, easy to do lessons with videos are what I call video "snacks".  Check them all out but especially this new one about the History of Pizza. 

View here >>>>

4. Gif Lingua

I'm working on a cool app. But in the meantime, register as a teacher, download books, mark as favorites and ask students to read books on your favorite page.  Also, students can study each book with powerful quizzes and flashcards for each one.

Here are a few books recently created among the 1,000s already leveled and available.   

Vive La France!   |     Prince   |  Used to  |    For vs  Since  |  

Selfies     |   Tag Questions  |  Olympics Books  |  Dolch Nouns


5. The Olympics

The Olympics will soon be upon us.  Time to get started thinking about resources to use with our students.  Our Olympics page is loaded and recently updated.   

See the Gif books above and the Olympic project link in the sidebar. But we have plenty, plenty more materials! 

6. New Blog Posts & Magazine

Every month we have many new blog posts and also a published online magazine. 

Our magazine highlights all the best posts about education and language on the web. It's a must resource for keeping update. 

Our LinkedIn group also offers great professional development opportunities.

New blog posts:   Star Wars Generator  |  Using Photos When Teaching    |  Making Manifestos   |   Easy Listening: Using music

What's More.....

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