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National Film Board Animations for Teachers

MORE COMING SHORTLY - Please comment about how you have used these in class BELOW!
Very Highly Recommend
George and Rosemary

George and Rosemary is an animated romantic comedy about two golden agers who prove that passion is not exclusively for the young. With humour and empathy,
it tells of George Edgecombe's passion for the lady across the
street, and what happens when he decides to stop daydreaming and
finally meet Rosemary Harris, the object of his affections.


Jonas and Lisa

A woman does laundry to support her husband and three children. The
children are obliged to work at a very young age and are terrorized
and robbed by their stepfather. Unable to take it any more, the
little boy runs away from home. Based on article 27 of the United
Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, this film
illustrates children's right to an adequate standard of living. A
film without words.


The Neighbors

Neighbors is an academy award winning short video the the genius of Norman McLaren, about conflict. It has some graphic scenes so preview before showing
students. Disturbing but with a very important message. This video
is A MUST!


Special Delivery

The first big mistake Ralph makes is not clearing the snow from the
front walk, and his life goes downhill from that point on. By the
end of the story, the mailman has fatally slipped on his job,
Alice, his wife, doesn't live there anymore, and Ralph resolves to
stop worrying--about the body, his wife, and the front walk.Great
for teaching the past conditional.


A Summer Legend

Silas Rand and Charles Leland first wrote down the legends of the
great spirit Glooscap before the turn of the century. Since then,
Summer Legend has been retold many times, but never more
beautifully than in this colorful animated interpretation. It tells
of the Micmac people in the cold white dawning of their world, and
of how Glooscap battled with the giant Winter in order to bring
Summer to the North.


The Magic of Anansi

Anansi the spider is tired of being looked down on by all the
jungle animals--just because his webs don't catch bugs. The
fearsome Mr. Tiger promises to respect the little spider if he
brings him Mr. Snake, the world's grumpiest creature. After much
wily scheming and plotting, Anansi delivers a humiliated Mr. Snake
to Mr. Tiger. Only then does he realize that Mr. Tiger's respect
comes at too high a price. Anansi doesn't want to make anyone
miserable, not even Mr. Snake. Anansi stands up to Mr. Tiger and,
in the end, this is what wins him the respect of the other



Here is an animated replay of the human comedy as amusing in its
perception as in the way it caricatures humanity's propensity to
resort to violence rather than to reason. The whole arena of
conflict is reduced to its simplest dimensions--cubes and balls
representing antagonists. Why they fight and what happens after the
battle is a parody of human nature. Film without words.


Ludovic - Visiting Grandpa

It is summer and Ludovic is invited to spend a few days at
Grandpa's farm. The little teddy bear is delighted to see his
grandfather again but is saddened at the thought that Grandma is no
longer with them.


The Animal Movie

An animated cartoon to help children explore why and how animals
move as they do. A little boy discovers that he cannot compete with
a monkey, a snake or a horse by imitating the way they move. He can
only outdistance them when he climbs into a vehicle that can travel
in any environment, proving that while other animals are trapped by
their environment, humans, the inventors, aren't.


Paddle to the Sea


A young boy sends his wooden canoe toy and Indian into the river
and you follow it's journey to the ocean. Bill Mason at his finest
and this teaches a great story about our mother earth.



Comment by ddeubel on December 30, 2008 at 4:10am
You can go HERE in our Resource/Share area to find some ppt resources for teaching some of these. Check back, more coming!
Comment by Ellen Pham on December 31, 2008 at 5:54am
Jonas & Lisa : ( sad story, no ending... what can they do all by themselves?

Comment by Gerson Waisberg on April 16, 2011 at 9:00am

Dear Ddeubel,

It might have been bad luck but on this day none of the videos played...Can they be accessed directly? It looked as if the hosting site was down...

Comment by ddeubel on April 16, 2011 at 2:29pm



These videos are on the wonderful site   I collected them here because so many teachers have a hard time finding them in their very "deep" library. Also, check the links in the list below - links to some powerpoints and materials I've made for some.  


We had problems previously with FF browswer playing these but seems to be fixed. You are right , probably a case of the site being offline for maintenance.  Enjoy these Canadian gems.

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