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Newsletter May 2018

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efl 2.0 Newsletter May 2018


So many new resources!

See all our new resources this past month. You'll really enjoy this one about the 2 most popular game in the world - cricket!


Phonics Materials

A HUGE number of worksheets and ppts to present phonics and the sounds of English. You'll be amazed! 



Gif Lingua - A Verified Quizlet Creator

We have been working hard on Gif Lingua. Over 3,000 fun leveled readers each with a Quizlet set. Now, Quizlet has approved us as a verified publisher and creator on their platform. Check out the sets either by clicking the "settings" button - Study - Quizlet for any book (see this example) or directly on our huge directory of categorized folders on Quizlet. 



A great poetry lesson

This video based poetry re-write lesson will work great with teenagers and young adults. Find out what your students hate!  


Support EFL 2.0

We need your support. Many get access to our resources as unpaid members. Please consider a donation. It's easy on this page - just select the amount and click through.  Thank you in advance. New members can donate while signing up or sign up for free and donate on this page later ... 


Freelancer Available

I'm beginning a new chapter in my teaching career. I'm now going freelance and available for curriculum development, project management, teacher training workshops, conference talks and presentations and general consultation. Please let others know and check out mypersonal profile page for more info.


EFL Classroom 2.0

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