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Dear EFL Classroom members,

So much to tell you about this month - so many gifts. Read below about our Edublog nomination (and vote!), new videos, new teaching resources (X-mas resources) and so much more. However, the greatest gift of all is that we are here and healthy - with family and friends. I wish you this during the holiday season.... David
Member of the Month.

Vote for us at the Edublog Awards!

Shelagh Walton, has contributed so many resources! She's a hard working S.African teacher in Korea. Please congratulate her on her page and also check out all her amazing resources for M.S. students.



Educational Software > Click Here!

Yes, we've been nominated! Also, my own public blog and Teaching Recipes! In previous years I've encouraged members to vote for other sites/candidates. NOT THIS YEAR! I really think we do a great job and deserve the recognition. So I'm making a personal appeal -- please vote and show you value EFL Classroom 2.0. If everyone votes, we'll tell many about the vibrant, helpful community we are - but it will take your vote! Give us your vote between Dec. 9th and 16th! Click here>

What's New on EFL 2.0!

H.S. Musical Resources!

Christmas Resources

The Best ELT Tweeters!

The Best ELT Blogs

Schoolhouse Rock!

Charlie Brown Xmas

English Central is now teacher friendly!


English Central now offers teachers the ability to sign up students and form groups. Get stats about your students and set targets for them! It is super easy to use and read more about it HERE. Watch my screencast. Also, help us test by signing up and discussing English Central on EFL Classroom 2.0. I'm giving them advice and helping build the teacher's area. Exciting improvements will be forthcoming.

Search Tags!

Contribute a Recipe!

Resource of the Month

What the Wordle!

Video of the Month!



Another video we had a long discussion about was "What is a Moment?" A must watch!

Korean Teachers - See our Videos for learning Korean!

Also - many new resources in our Korean Resource Area!

Can't find what you want? Use our TAG SEARCH.We are the only network with such a thorough and unique search feature! Please remember to tag all your entries when starting something!

Videos Blogs Resources Discussions

Please put yourself on our NEW Member's Map! Thanks. >


Interested in Teacher Training? Visit our Teacher Training page with videos or our Prof. Development area!

Got an RSS feed you'd like to print out as a nice snazzy newsletter for your site / members? I spent many hours getting us an open source RSS 2 PDF maker!

Try it out


Use our Teacher's Toolbox!

The teacher's toolbox was a megahit and thanks for everybody saying how handy it is! Keep using it, I'm continuing to fill it up with new and exciting/useful things. Like Word Magnets

"That learned without pleasure is forgotten without regret"

I've been thinking so much about our Site Design. We will be undergoing a MAJOR site design change - so be prepared. I hope this will give members a better user experience. Besides color and layout and our banner - there will be a re-organization. Stay tuned!




I've spent many days designing a new way for teachers to find the ELT jobs they want! 160+ jobs daily, in one place and searchable.

twitter / Best Live

Once more - Get our X-mas Resources!!!!>

There are a million ways to use EFL Classroom 2.0!

Most importantly, share, stay positive and make friends!


Join a World Group!

Use our shared Mediafire Resources for teaching

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

Please let others know about EFL Classroom 2.0. Spread the joy!

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