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November 2012 Newsletter

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Teacher Development

Dear EFL 2.0 members,  

I have been "busy as a beaver" this October. Trying my best to make our community a personal place and also a place where teachers can "get the goods" to help them teach. Lots of new resources and see the links below. 

I will be contacting members asking if they would participate in an online webinar. I'll be trying to get us to share our teaching experiences. Just giving members a warning! But please attend our weekly sessions of Teacher Talk

Look forward to a special announcement this month about changes in how teachers access EFL Classroom! More about this later....  

Thanking you all 

David  - When one teaches, two learn

What's New

1. Pink Panther Redux!

This classic presentation of verbs now has a full powerpoint and more resources for teaching it, including flashcards! Get it here.

2. Commercials in your classroom!

I'm a big advocate of video and there is no better form of video for teaching than "the commercial". Get my new ebook/guide and a full set of recommendations for using them in your classroom. Get it here

3.  EnglishCentral now with a 1 month free trial. 

 Not announced yet and exclusive to our members here. Register as a teacher on EnglishCentral and you'll get Premium for you and 50 students for a month.  As Director of Education, if you have any questions about ordering, getting a personal demo -contact me.  It truly is revolutionary and  I want this in schools around the world.  david@englishcentral.com 

4.  Featured Resources

All month  I've highlighted some lesser know "gems", resources that can help teachers. Check them out, you might be surprised by what you find. 

What's Hot (or not)

Thank you for all the new Basic TEFL Certificate course members! It's certainly hot.   Also, see all our recent resources and recent videos. 

Have you checked out all the new blog posts?

Get all the latest updates with these links below! Always full of new stuff! 

Recommended Videos |  Lesson A Day  |  What's New  |  Leaderboards

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