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November Newsletter

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Dear EFL Classroom 2.0 members,   

I hope everyone is enjoying a busy time teaching and inspiring their students. 

Lots of new resources on the community - in fact a record month of additions.  I hope many members will consider upgrading and help support the community. Now a one time payment for lifetime access to everything - $34.95. That's LIFETIME. Just click a resource attachment and follow the instructions. 

Also take a look at our LinkedIn community , online magazine and online resource magazine highlighting new things on EFL 2.0. 



Teacher Founder


New & Recommended

1. Discussion Prompts

We've created another fantastic discussion prompt generator. Name 3. Just ask students to name 3 within X seconds of the prompt. Can they? 

Play Name 3  |    Check out the other prompt generators 


2.  Zen and the Act of Teaching

This is a free member resource - a reflective teaching journal to be used for professional development. Insightful, it will get you thinking deeply about your own teaching beliefs. 

Get the reflective teaching journal >>>   


3. November

This is a busy month and here are some worksheets and resources to review all that is happening. Use the template to get students researching other months!  Also see our resources for Remembrance Day and Thanksgiving.

View the resources >>>

4. Our Video Based Lessons

We 've updated our full list of hundreds of lessons with materials. You'll find something just right for your classes!  

View The List Of Lessons >>>

5. New On Gif Lingua

Gif Lingua continues to grow. It's free for students to read the books and study the quizzes and videos. Now students get badges for every 200 points!

Teachers are free to use the LMS - printables for all books and download all books - for paid teachers. 

Here are just a few of the most recent books. 

Film Crews   |     Office Supplies    |    Collectibles   |  World Records

 In A Can  |   Magic Box   |   At The Restaurant     |    Solar System

6. Graphic Organizers Galore!

These are great to get students brainstorming and then presenting for the class. We have pages of them - all types!

View The Resources >>>


7. Music Quiz A to Z

This resource rocks!  Students will be challenged to name the group and learn lots of English along the way. 

View The Resources >>>

8. Road Runner Verbs

Our Pink Panther verbs lesson is one of our most popular and now we have an updated one for the Road Runner! Fun way to teach verbs! 

View The Resources >>>

8. Popular Blog Posts & Magazine

Every month we have many new blog posts and also a published online magazine. 

Recommended Recent ELT blog posts:   Top 5 videos about tech  |  7 sensational sins of great teachers    |  What I know now but didn't then.

What's More.....

Did you know all members can study our video lessons, do the quiz and get a free  Basic TEFL Certificate?  Study HERE.

Also, see all our recent resources, blog posts and  recent videos

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Reminder:  Teaching is learning too.


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