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October 2012 Newsletter

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Teacher Development

Dear EFL 2.0 members,  

I hope everyone is enjoying a busy start to the new school year or semester! 

The big news this month is that we'll be holding weekly webinars to help teachers. Interviews, training presentations and more. Get details about our first webinar, Thurs. at 9am EST.  We'll be looking at using video in the classroom and doing speaking practice online.  Either register or just show up to our video conferencing room. Please suggest topics, offer yourself to do a training session or interview HERE.

And remember it's October - check out our Halloween resources

What's New

1. Classic presentation updated!

This presentation: The Best Photos Of All Time  has been updated. Truly a classic and must see.  

2. Check out EnglishCentral as a Premium member

Interested in EnglishCentral and what's new there? Join the Pronunciation and Vocabulary class (click Get Started) and you'll be upgraded to Premium.  Want to know more? Just contact me - david@englishcentral.com

3.  The Secret (Lesson) and Hands

 This month has been a bonanza for video lovers/teachers. So many new.  In particular - Hands Can Do So Many Things (with a new Lesson In A Can for supporters) and The Secret. Both brilliant for lessons. 

4.  Featured Resources

All August / September  I've highlighted some lesser know "gems", resources that can help teachers. Check them out, you might be surprised by what you find. 

What's Hot (or not)

Thank you fo all members sharing our content and "LIKING US" on Facebook. Helps us help others. 

Member Enric Calvet keeps us informed with some great tech posts- check them out! Thanks Enric! 


Get all the latest updates with these links below! Always full of new stuff! 

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