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October Newsletter

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Dear EFL Classroom 2.0 members,   

I hope everyone is enjoying a busy time teaching and inspiring their students. 

Lots of great new resources on the community - some shared below. It's been a record month for new materials.  I hope all new members check out our coursebook - Teach | Learn, recently updated.

Also take a look at our LinkedIn community , online magazine and online resource magazine highlighting new things on EFL 2.0. 



Teacher Founder


New & Recommended

1. Discussion Prompts

I'm busy brushing up on my javascript skills and these 3 presentations present random prompts that will get your students speaking. Just put up on the screen and get talkin'

Random Questions  |    Tell Us About    |    Finish It Off


2.  Become A Paid Supporter

We've recently become a paid supporter community. Previous supporters should continue to have full access. Please consider supporting us and our great resource community. There still is a whole lot that is free but your support will keep us growing .... 

View some of what you get >>>   


3. Music & Song Resources

We have thousands of music and song related resources teachers can use in their classroom. Ranging from full karaoke players with files to printable cloze worksheets .... 

View the list of music resources

4. Our Video Based Lessons

We 've updated our full list of hundreds of lessons with materials. You'll find something just right for your classes!  

View The List Of Lessons >>>

5. New On Gif Lingua

Gif Lingua continues to grow. It's free for students to read the books and study the quizzes and videos. Last month 15,000 books were fully read on Gif Lingua!  Please check it out - teachers get free use of the LMS to track student reading.  Paid teachers can download books and PDF resource packs for each book 

Here are just a few of the most recent books. 

Volcanoes   |     Kermit The Frog    |    I Am   |  Charlie Brown

 Autumn  |   Astronauts   |   20 Questions     |    Time person of the Year

6. Dolch Lists

Find some resources to teach these basic lists of words for beginning readers and English language learners. . 

View The Resources >>>


7. Making Friends

This is a great lesson topic, no matter the time of year! Students think about what friendship is and share their thoughts about their own friends.

View The Resources >>>

8. Phone Etiquette

Many students are addicted to their phones!  These lesson materials will get students thinking about how to properly use their phone - the dos and don'ts of smartphone use. 

View The Resources >>>

8. New Blog Posts & Magazine

Every month we have many new blog posts and also a published online magazine. 

Recommended Recent ELT blog posts:   Trusting Teachers To Teach  |  Student Motivation    |  Why students forget ....

What's More.....

Did you know all members can study our video lessons, do the quiz and get a free  Basic TEFL Certificate?  Study HERE.

Also, see all our recent resources, blog posts and  recent videos

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Reminder:  Learning is messy.


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