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Help, Mediafire, Keepvid, Resources Download for Resources, Access to Sites from China,

Started by T. Last reply by Anna-Lee Vinson Jun 27, 2014. 2 Replies

Hi, Has anyone else had issues access Mediafire from China?  I've been told my settings are certainly correct so I'm not sure what's going on.  In fact, I can access but I can't download. Any…Continue

Tags: download, china, asia, youtube, resources

Broken Links

Started by ddeubel Jan 6, 2012. 0 Replies

If you get a broken link or a page saying "Resource unavailable" - please let me know which lesson , with a comment here. I'll fix it ASAP.    There may be some that were damaged/changed when I moved…Continue

Tags: resources, broken, links




All Lessons In A Can Pages (143)

#142: Pringles Practice

This is a great video, very creative. Showing people using a Pringles can to make amazing things. Students watch and then complete the worksheet, describing what the people did with a Pringles can. S… View »

#140 - 10 Things Project

Getting students thinking and harnessing their own inner curiosity through question based instruction – is a great approach.  Or also Project Based Instruction.  The more we educators… View »

#141 - What is a moment? (high beginner)

This lesson uses the wonderful video by Radiolabs: Moments. Edited so it is appropriate for the classroom. Use the cards and have students watch and put the cards in order (cut them up and mix first)… View »

#139 Cheap Bananas High Int.

This lesson for higher level students focuses on an important global issue - the cost of our cheap goods.  It is meant to get students thinking about the cost others pay so we can have so much,… View »

# 138 The Runners (Intermediate - Adv) 2 Comments

This lesson is based on the amazing video "The Runners".   It makes the perfect listening and discussion based lesson that provides strong, authentic language content for your students.  1… View »

#137 Guatemala (high intermediate)

Geography and travel are topics that really motivate students. This lesson is about Guatemala but teachers can do the same kind of lesson for any country in the world. Just use a similar video from t… View »

#136 Did you know? High Intermediate

This lesson really does what education is all about - teaching language but also teaching and fostering knowledge and curiosity. It is based around 44 questions that elicit amazing facts about… View »

#135 New Year's Resolutions (Intermediate)

This lesson is a listening activity that gets students listening skills for authentic English sharp and ready.   1.  Common New Year's Resolutions.   Ask students what some common res… View »

# 134 7 Billion People (Intermediate)

This lesson from the National Geographic project: 7 billion people  really gets students thinking critically about their place in the world. Perfect for a lesson on global issues. Also, a g… View »

#133 - What Can I Change? (Intermediate)

This lesson will both teach English and inspire students while allowing them to test their thinking skills in English.  1.  Write on the board the word "change"? Ask students to state… View »


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