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Broken Links

Started by ddeubel Jan 6, 2012. 0 Replies

If you get a broken link or a page saying "Resource unavailable" - please let me know which lesson , with a comment here. I'll fix it ASAP.    There may be some that were damaged/changed when I moved…Continue

Tags: resources, broken, links


All Lessons In A Can Pages (143)

#22 Horrible, Stupid, Funny Jokes(Int.)

#22 - Horrible, Stupid, Funny Jokes. Young learners LOVE jokes. Doesn't matter if they are in English and hard to figure out - they will try and encounter language. Today's Lesson in a Can is about… View »

#21 Look on the bright side!(Int.)

21 - Look on the bright side! A lesson practicing the use of "chunks" to respond to information in a good way...... Warm - up ; Put the following "chunks" on the board 1. Look at it this way! 2. V… View »

#20 Finish It Off!(Int.)

20 Finish It Off ! The power of Bla bla bla bla.... This is a fun, conversational exercise. It can be used as a filler or as a warm up or extended as a full lesson. Lots of spin off possibilities.… View »

#19 Gossip - "I heard it through the Grapevine(High Int.)

#19 Gossip - "I heard it through the Grapevine" Everyone loves to gossip. Today's lesson in a Can harnesses that energy. It is a very simple lesson which gets intermediate or advanced level students… View »

#18 When was the first time / last time....(Low)

This is intended to practice the use of the past simple tense and help students talk about their past experiences. Do you know that almost 70% of English conversation utilizes the past tense? We shou… View »

#17 Brand Preferences - Stating preferences and using Neither/either Some of / None of....(Low Int.)

17 Brand Preferences - Stating preferences and using Neither/either Some of / None of.... This lesson is really interactive and greatly motivating. Students of all levels love to talk about their pr… View »

#16 Teaching Numbers!(Int.)

#16 Teaching Numbers! Teaching numbers is a very practical skill that students will appreciate. Knowing how to count isn't enough! We use and state numbers in many different ways. Students need to b… View »

#15 Using Text messaging to motivate students to write!(Int.)

#15 Using Text messaging to motivate students to write! This lesson is a whole language lesson but could also just be part of a writing lesson. For adolescents but might work with adults! If we ar… View »

#14 Commercials in the EFL Classroom(Int.) 2 Comments

#14 TV Commercials For this lesson, you'll need a computer and screen. If not, use the Make a commercial blank dialogue with your students (attached) only.  Also, these media awareness flashcar… View »

#13 Teaching English to young learners through sign language! A TPR method.(Low)

#13 -- Teaching English to young learners through sign language! A TPR method. I recently attended a storytelling workshop led by Cathy Spagnoli. She is an amazing storyteller and uses all sorts of… View »


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