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September 2012 Newsletter

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Teacher Development

Dear EFL 2.0 members,  

Wow! Summer (Winter) is over. Time to get back at it....... Lots on our community to help you and keep your teaching life "on the level". 

You'll note, I've experimented with a few ads. Please suggest our community to any who might support us with ads. Reference our new ad page.  Not many new Supporters the last 4 months - hope that members will step up and get a  Supporter membership and help with our costs. 

Lots new this month as we kick off the school year/semester.  Make sure to visit our Tips For New Teachers discussion. 

What's New

1. We've got Google Custom Search!  



It works great and you'll get what you need. Find it on our main page or go here. Also use our tag search or the search boxes in the blog, forum and video areas.

2. Grammar Check Up

How's your teacher grammar knowledge? Find out with this simple quiz that gives you a score....

3.  The Chris Challenge 

 Malachy Scullion throws up a challenge to come up with 50 jobs students can do in the classroom. Can you add some? 

4.  Featured Resources

All August I've highlighted some lesser know "gems", resources that can help teachers. Check them out, you might be surprised by what you find. 

What's Hot (or not)

Thank you fo all members sharing our content and "LIKING US" on Facebook. Helps us help others. 

Member Ridvan has some great downloads for us all - check them out! Thanks Ridvan! 


Get all the latest updates with these links below! 

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