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September 2013

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Dear EFL Classroom 2.0 members,  

September for many of us is "getting back in the saddle" time. A time of new classes, new students and great expectations. Here's a post I'm proud of and which I think you'll enjoy - Back To School - The Art of The Possible.

This year I won't have a class of my own, the first time in a long time (more some time in a blog post!) .... but I do know that things won't be so empty. I will always have my classmates on EFL Classroom 2.0.  Thank you for being here!

Happy teaching and reaching,


When one teaches, two learn


1. The 34th ELT Blog Carnival Is Published!

Carissa Peck gives us a pot of pronunciation gold with a Blog Carnival for the ages. Please check it out - a must reference on teaching pronunciation. The next carnival is all about Great Lessons.  Send your entries  HERE by Oct. 31st.  Thanks for reading. Thanks for participating! 

2. EFL 2.0 Digital Resources (soft launch)

The new digital resources site is up and running. I still have loads of work to do but already thousands of free and for purchase resources available. Also, get a subscription for a month or a year and download decadently. This month, I'll be contacting affiliates and also have the publishing platform set up with profiles so anyone can sell through the site.  Check it out!

We still offer a lifetime supporters access on EFL Classroom 2.0. It is now $29.95 to download and access everything forever.  Become A Supporter here.

The new digital resources site will have new and updated resources and new materials every week. That's the major difference as well as improved searching and purchasing of individual products. 

View and browse all resources.


3.  EFL 2.0 Exclusive: EnglishCentral For Your Class

EnglishCentral has a whole new and improved way of learning. Now even more effective and powerful.  Only for EFL Classroom 2.0 members - we are offering a "Back To School"  offer of 50 Premium seats for 1 month.  Give Premium access to your new students and start the year off with a bang.  

                                    Get Your Access Code 

4. Recent Blogging

I'm so proud of being a blogger. As I blogged here - 7 years of blogging, no slogging- now over 2,000 quality blog posts since I started 7 years ago.  Here are a few more from the past month. 

1. Stories from the trenches  CZ            2.  Imagine (if you can)

3. Educational Absolutism                     4.  Does Google Have All The Answers?

5. Online Tools: How To Decide?         6.  A Classroom Hierarchy of Needs

5. 50 Things To Do The First Week Back

Already a classic!  Thank you to the many teachers who've already read it and those who sent me kind notes or shared. Just sharing my own knowledge from my years in class.  Glad it hit a chord.     Browse it here.


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6. Have you visited ELT Professionals? 

So many intelligent, experienced teachers sharing ideas/advice there. I urge other teachers to join in or just read the posts. 

Mega List Of Most Popular Discussions.

What's More.....

Also, see all our recent resources, blog posts and  recent videos

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Teachers. We touch eternity.


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