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Dear EFL Classroom 2.0 members,  

This month a lot of news to relate.  Plus all kinds of resources you'll find outlined below. 

1. Again, EFL Classroom 2.0 is now TOTALLY open to all teachers. I'm counting on members to tell others to visit and help get the word out. 

2. Bad news.  Project Peace, ELT Blog Carnival and The School of TEFL will close Oct. 1st. Just not realistic to keep paying hundreds a month to keep these going. Larry Ferlazzo and I for years kept the ELT Blog Carnival running, sad to see it go but yes, times change and move on. 

3. Good news!  New server for EFL Classroom 2.0. Things should be lightning fast. Also, I continue to clean up the whole site + Teaching Recipes. I hope members will visit and post up a recipe - it's a lovely site helping many teachers. 

4. Gif Lingua.  Later this month will be contacting community members to get some interested in using Gif Lingua Books with their classes and helping me with feedback.  Students will be able to write and post / share books as well as read 1,000s of interesting level appropriate books made for ELLs. As well, use our unique Tinder style app to learn English with gifs. 

Wishing you all a great time teaching at your school and in your classroom,


"When one teaches, two learn"

New & Recommended

1. New Videos & Video Lessons

A few new sterling videos.  The Boy Who Could Fly about Usain Bolt is wonderful and get full resources to use in your class!  I also spent a long time subtitling the video The Pavement. A great story for your students. 

The Video Lessons site has over 200 videos to preview, all with resources for members. I've begun adding a direct link to resources in the player but until completely done - get the resources for each video on this page. 

Larry Ferlazzo recently shared this nice video - Immersion, about a Latino boy in a school in America. Very interesting for all us ELTs, the challenges facing our students like Moises. 

View all the recent videos >>>


2.  EnglishCentral - Back To School

EnglishCentralis used by millions of students around the world and truly proud to be part of the team transforming the way English is learned and taught. See this Absolute Beginners course as an example. 

EFL Classroom members can get this Back To School free trial offer. Just download the  PDF brochure, follow the instructions and use the code. Invite students and see how they enjoy learning on the platform or app. View this tutorial video on the community. 

Sign Up As A Teacher >>>


3. 50 Lists

Our 50 Lists are classics and I want to make sure all teachers take a look at them.  Download the pdfs here

Get Them Here >>>>

4. Fluency MC

Jason "Fluency MC" Levine has released a new ebook songbook and private site which has his videos and offers help to students and teachers. I've always admired Jason's approach - capturing student enthusiasm for rap n rhyme to help them learn English. Recommend you taking a look and what he's put together!  

Get the special offer before it ends >>>>>

5. Magazine, Newsletters, Discussion

Every month we have many new blog posts and also a published online magazine. 

Our Teaching English Magazine highlights all the best posts about education and language on the web. It's a must resource for keeping update. 

Our LinkedIn group also offers great professional development opportunities.

Our Newsletters, over 100, offer suggestions about resources on the community.  Also see new resources HERE. 

What's More.....

Also, see all our recent resources, blog posts and  recent videos

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