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Started by ddeubel in Websites / links / access to new resources / communities.. Last reply by Nadeem Nawaz Jul 16, 2019. 102 Replies

We are now in our 3rd edition of "Site of the Day"! Hundreds of the best sites for teaching/learning. See #1 and…Continue

Tags: collection, list, web 2.0, resources, websites

ABCs - Alphabet Resources or Ideas?

Started by NEWS NOW in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by Amelia Meirizka Jun 20, 2019. 73 Replies

I guess the alphabet is our bread and butter.Got any good ideas for teaching it or using it…Continue

Tags: children, abc, kids, phonics, reading

Learning Designs

Started by Elise in Teaching and Methodology Mar 27, 2019. 0 Replies

I was wondering what you all thought of learning designs pertaining to English language teaching? What are the ways in which you design your lessons to achieve better learning in your students?Continue

A NEW way to teach PHRASAL VERBS so that your students understand and remember them

Started by Andromeda Jones in Teaching and Methodology Dec 31, 2018. 0 Replies

Phrasal verbs are a verb + preposition, adverb or particle. Teaching…Continue

Tags: prepositions, teach, verbs, phrasal


March 2011 Blog Posts (37)

TESOL 2011 New Orleans - Are you going?

tesol Just a shout and quick post about TESOL New Orleans 2011. I'll be there and it should be a great time of learning, laughing and listening in the "Big Easy".

I'm looking forward to all the presentations and a busy 3 days, March 16th - 19th. I'll be giving a few presentations and also supporting the EnglishCentral team. So best to find me at… Continue

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The #1 .... (website for Geography)

Number One ** Not your ordinary, endless list - just what's number 1.

Today I awoke to the frightful news of the earthquake in Japan. My hopes and prayers go out to everyone there. I can't imagine.  However, this also led me to write about a site I've looooooong been in love with… Continue

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Stepping back to jump ahead

Mike_Powell_1991_World_Champs_w430 Yesterday's ELTchat about teacher burnout got me thinking about a post I've had upstairs in the attic for quite a while.

Burnout is something every teacher will continually confront - even those of us with the best of jobs. Entropy is a law that applies to teaching as well as physics. Nor, is there a sure fire, one size fits all solution. Some teachers will have to just…


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Stickiness - How to make what you do, "Stick".

I'm putting together an online presentation for some Brazilian teachers and I'll be talking about "Stickiness". I thought it would be worthwhile to air my own thoughts specifically about what makes our teaching "stick". In other words, how to make what we do transfer into the heads and the production/fluency of the learner (now or over time).

I think at bottom, this metaphor is…


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Groping for Trout

tuna "You can tune a piano

but you can't tune a fish"

Words, words, words. Sometimes I feel like becoming a monk solely for the reason to be beyond words, of no need of words, away from words and their slinking skullduggery. They are cruel and they often don't mean what they mean.

I know I'm groping for trout. I'll get to that point in a moment. First, let me tell you what…


Added by ddeubel3 Comments

22nd Blog Carnival - April 1st - enter a post today!

EFL Classroom 2.0 will host the 21st EFL / ESL / ELL Blog Carnival April 1st.

Submit your entry in our handy Blog Carnival Submission Form.
There will be special…

Added by ddeubel2 Comments

7 Billion - Are you typical?

This is an interesting series by National Geographic. The typical person in the world is not me. The video says there are seven thousand languages in the world and I haven't really mastered even one. If you like this video see another.…


Added by csagel2 Comments

Being There ...

I recently wrote a post about the "endurance" of a teacher. I think it hit a few chords and I thank readers for the comments.

But what really gives endurance its capacity is "grace". Great teachers have (for the most part), the ability to "be there" and just love what they are doing. There isn't a great struggle to build, make, do - but rather a natural flow of "being there". Those teachers that last… Continue

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Happy International Women's Day 2011

I'm always late for festivities and festivals of all sorts, I never get to post anything on the right date. This time I have decided to change the tune and I will not be left behind. No, "sir"!


This is a really important celebration to me, it's always been since I was a teenager. Now that I'm a…


Added by Roselink6 Comments

Open and Ongoing TESOL Workshop

You are all invited to participate in an open and ongoing TESOL workshop that is just getting started.  If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to contact…

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Why Do We Need Good English

Hello Dear  Ellen,

        Dear EFL.ClassRoom


I Would Like To Share With You Eng-Brochure,, And My Wisdom:

((((Learn English and You will Own the Key to Knowledge Technology, Connecting with Others,  Communication, and Influence on other Cultures.))))



Added by Muntaha Abdul Karim Jasim — No Comments

Dear Ellen

Hello Dear Ellen

EFL 2.0 Members


  Finally I made My Own Wisdom And Put It On My Brochure for Learning English

I Would Like you To See It and Share With Me The Simple Broshure:


((( Learn English and You will Own the Key to Knowledge Technology, Connecting with Others,  Communication, and Influence on other Cultures.))))


I Wish You a Happy Teaching Universal Day





Added by Muntaha Abdul Karim Jasim1 Comment

I'm using "We Teach/ We Learn" this semester

I found a good book for my After School English Conversation Class. I teach in a Korean Middle School and always have a hard time getting a good book for my after school classes. Students are all different levels and different ages and need a text that will fit their interests and levels. That's why I chose "We Teach/…


Added by csagel1 Comment


My Dear EFL ClassR professors

I Will never forget each and every word ,every Charecter that I have learned , Now it has become Vtalt my personality , my knowledge and my experience , Made me able to get a job thanks to your Member I will never forget you have made every effort to let me know and Teach science around the world I thank you every day every night , I'm grateful for my life Thanks to God because he made you in my life and made you a lighthouse Light my way Thank God…


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Welcome to read our school onlie ezine HighLight!

Online ezine HighLight

Dear readers!

I'm happy to announce that our 2nd issue is ready for you to read. Many things happened throughout this 3-month break - New Year, Christmas and St.Valentine's Day. Have a look at our…


Added by Marina Shvets14 Comments

Sign Language

No diatribe, no long speech or pronouncement. Just a task - so we can help each other. Watch this wonderful video below and tell me how you might use it in class. What would you do before / during / after the video? Any ideas?  [ Get some other authentic ideas here



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