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Online Course Management System - FREE. Would you use it?

Started by ddeubel in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by Mitchell Lee Feb 12. 7 Replies

I'd like to know how many teachers would use a completely free course management system , if offered here? Meaning, you can create a course there,…Continue

Tags: atutor, technology, online, ecourses, elearning


Started by ddeubel in Websites / links / access to new resources / communities.. Last reply by Nadeem Nawaz Jul 16, 2019. 102 Replies

We are now in our 3rd edition of "Site of the Day"! Hundreds of the best sites for teaching/learning. See #1 and…Continue

Tags: collection, list, web 2.0, resources, websites

ABCs - Alphabet Resources or Ideas?

Started by NEWS NOW in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by Amelia Meirizka Jun 20, 2019. 73 Replies

I guess the alphabet is our bread and butter.Got any good ideas for teaching it or using it…Continue

Tags: children, abc, kids, phonics, reading

Learning Designs

Started by Elise in Teaching and Methodology Mar 27, 2019. 0 Replies

I was wondering what you all thought of learning designs pertaining to English language teaching? What are the ways in which you design your lessons to achieve better learning in your students?Continue


April 2011 Blog Posts (40)

The #1 .... (myth in education)

Number One ** Not your ordinary, endless list - just what's number 1.

                         Learning = School = Education

mark_twain_education Learning is not 9 to 3, Mon. to Friday. Learning is not with a teacher and…


Added by ddeubel — No Comments

Why isn't "shit detecting" a school subject?

detector I"m sorry but I've had a bad day. All the B.S. about the "royal" wedding and people aimlessly following,  jollygagging along.  The farce of celebrity and bread and circuses. Who'll break this circle of lies?

What I mean is that school should be a place for creating citizens that are critically aware, citizens that ask questions and who in the spirit of the enlightenment - are free and pull on their… Continue

Added by ddeubel1 Comment

Using new technologies to ensure quality education

Zhvillimet teknologjike në botë po lëvizin me shpejtësinë e dritës, kurse zhvillimet në arsim po ecin ngathët

Në shoqëritë e zhvilluara, në gjithë botën, nuk mund të paramendohet jeta pa përdorimin e teknologjive bashkëkohore, të cilat po e lehtësojnë punën dhe jetën e njerëzve në fusha të ndryshme.

Në kuadër të teknologjive globale të cilat kanë depërtuar thellë; në prodhim, komunikim, shkencë, etj., ka ardhur koha e…


Added by Shkolla Rrezor 21 — No Comments

How to make a karaoke file

Karaoke is a great tool for teachers and students that I've been promoting for ages. Lots of posts on here about it. It is great for both controlling audio and text, contextualizing audio and listening/reading skills coupled with phonemic awareness. It is multimodal and really has the WOW factor.

I finally updated the… Continue

Added by ddeubel — No Comments

The #1 ...... (site for debate materials)

Number One ** Not your ordinary, endless list - just what's number 1.

True Tube


I've been on TrueTube since the beginning and watched it flourish as a go to site for great, critical content for educational use.…


Added by ddeubel2 Comments

Meet My Virtual Pet!

Meet my virtual pet called Tigger. I'm sure all my pupils will love him too! To tell the truth I've just added a couple of other pets to my site because my newly adopted pet needs friends.


Added by Valentina Mikhailova1 Comment

Adapting the Coursebook with Technology

Member Nik Peachey just shared a nice list of websites and tools for digitizing the ELT Coursebook.


Here it is - lots of pearls within...



Added by EFL Classroom — No Comments

Imagine. A poem about school.


Imagine a classroom where there is no teaching  

only  learning.

Imagine a classroom where there is no leader 

only common purpose.…


Added by ddeubel — No Comments

Coach Philip Interview from:

First of all let me explain how it all started:
I found Philip's blog because it had a name similar to mine, so I read his profile and wrote the following post:

Hi Philip, It's me again. I'm a high school teacher in Brazil and I've been thinking about interviewing you by e-mail and post it in my blog. It would be a…

Added by Michelle Falcão2 Comments

Blended Learning - free book and videos!

bubbles I've made a very beta coursebook for beginning level learners. It uses a set of EnglishCentral videos which the students can then use for practicing their speaking using their state of the art speech recognition technology. Teachers can use the videos in class, along with the book.

The exercises are very simple. One - personalizing and… Continue

Added by ddeubel — No Comments

Count Trees for Earth Day

Our class simply took the time this Earth Day to go outside and count the trees around the school. Our school is in Korea so the trees are of an Asian nature. I ended up learning as much as the students learned. I attached the power point we used to introduce Earth Day and the tree counting activity. Earth%20Day%202011.ppt The first video linked in the power point called… Continue

Added by csagel — No Comments

World Peace Games - students solving world problems

What is education? I just finished reading David Warlich's 2cents worth blog and commenting. About making education purposeful. That's what's missing. Forget reform, change blablabla. Just get people together with a purpose.

And what should that be? Well, I think it should be what John Hunter says. PLEASE take a moment and watch this. I will say no…


Added by ddeubel1 Comment

Djoudj National Park

On my second day in Senégál I visited Djoudj Park.

 Located on Senegal River, Djoudj Bird Sanctuary is the country's largest wildlife reserve. It consists of a wide range of habitat and migrated birds. It is such a splendid site that any one can immerse himself in the vast beauty of nature here. It's an ever best place to view birds not only in the country but as well as in the…


Added by Roselink — No Comments

In Praise of Teaching

What would the world be like without someone teaching another?

You make the world a better place.


Let's pat ourselves on the back and be happy that we make a difference. This video is for YOU.


If you liked this video you may enjoy reading:… Continue

Added by ddeubel — No Comments

From Dakar, Senegal

I lift my voice so I can show you

There's so much more in life

We can do

Because the world has another face

Because the world has another face

Open your eyes

Open your eyes


From Africa, in Dakar, Senegal I feel I have to share this song from Angelique Kidjo, though my favourite one is …


Added by Roselink10 Comments

Top 5 games for teaching social and global issues

global-social-issues The "Top" games series continues! Today, in celebration of the forthcoming Earth Day, the top 5 games that focus on global/world issues.

Global Issues are something that students really get interested in. Very motivating for language learning and it brings the learning focus into the wider world and gets kids thinking, critically… Continue

Added by ddeubel — No Comments

Is there anybody out there?

Hi all,


Is collaboration on a large scale the new buzzword(s) for educators? I don't expect an answer to this question as it is rhetorical. Despite my idealistic leanings I am still skeptical. Nevermind me, I am doing research for a uni assignment on EFLclassroom2.0 and would like to know:

First, if you (member of this community) check this site, and if so how often you do it?

Second, what have you contributed to the community? (it can be anything from comments…


Added by Gerson Waisberg — No Comments

My Virtual Bookshelf!


I have just discovered 'The Site for Books and Readers'!

It's a great resource for teachers and all people who are fond of literature. 

What a wonderful way to remember some of the most favourite authors!

 Do you…


Added by Valentina Mikhailova2 Comments

EnglishCentral videos now shareable / embeddable.

It's incredible - EnglishCentral videos are now fully embeddable and shareable.... 


Just click under the video and grab the embed code. You are set!


Here's one of my favorites - a commercial with some great…


Added by EFL Classroom — No Comments

Youtube CC (closed captions)

youtube-cc Youtube has had captioning for awhile but recently they have started an experimental beta to automate the process.

Here's my introduction to this service. Very much encourage teachers to check it out and also let their students know about it. Can be helpful and as I note - I'm confident google will get it right sooner rather than… Continue

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