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Online Course Management System - FREE. Would you use it?

Started by ddeubel in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by Mitchell Lee Feb 12. 7 Replies

I'd like to know how many teachers would use a completely free course management system , if offered here? Meaning, you can create a course there,…Continue

Tags: atutor, technology, online, ecourses, elearning


Started by ddeubel in Websites / links / access to new resources / communities.. Last reply by Nadeem Nawaz Jul 16, 2019. 102 Replies

We are now in our 3rd edition of "Site of the Day"! Hundreds of the best sites for teaching/learning. See #1 and…Continue

Tags: collection, list, web 2.0, resources, websites

ABCs - Alphabet Resources or Ideas?

Started by NEWS NOW in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by Amelia Meirizka Jun 20, 2019. 73 Replies

I guess the alphabet is our bread and butter.Got any good ideas for teaching it or using it…Continue

Tags: children, abc, kids, phonics, reading

Learning Designs

Started by Elise in Teaching and Methodology Mar 27, 2019. 0 Replies

I was wondering what you all thought of learning designs pertaining to English language teaching? What are the ways in which you design your lessons to achieve better learning in your students?Continue


June 2009 Blog Posts (26)

A new English Tutor "Chatterbot" (Dave is still alive too!)

I've been investigating many new "chatterbots", artificially intelligent characters that can help students practice and learn English online. Dave our wonderful chatterbot is under the knife but I think I've found a way to keep him on life support at least. You can still keep him company… Continue

Added by ddeubel — No Comments

Celebrating Michael Jackson - All his songs with lyrics for learning English!

Michael Jackson will never die! I truly believe that and when we commit to excellence, no matter what else our manner, a part of us will live forever. Michael Jackson touched eternity and we will enjoy his genius forever and anon.

I've traveled and taught English around the world. Wherever I was, I could count on one thing -- being able to talk about the music of Michael Jackson. He truly was an idol, an icon everywhere and everyone,… Continue

Added by ddeubel — No Comments

June 23,09 Come back ^_*

Long time to sign in facebook, huh!

Now I am using my uncle's PC in the living room. That's why it's hard to do the personal activity like writting diary everyday. Futhermore, my two little cousins wanna use it every monents when I am using. They love games so much, also chatting too.

Now, just want to summerize what have been going on several days. I have been moving and living in my uncle's house for more than one week. Everything seems ok now. Eating together makes me not… Continue

Added by jasmine — No Comments

Guess the MAGIC word!

There is only ONE word that can be placed in each blank and complete the sentences. Can you guess what that MAGIC word is? Only look at the answer after you've thought a little about it!

_____ I helped my dog carry my husband's slippers yesterday.…


Added by ddeubel3 Comments

Collaboration anyone?

Like Karenne, I'm making a sort of "call-out for help". But I don't like to frame it as "help", rather fun collaboration.

(And Karenne, I will ineed answer your post after writing this one, I go way back to 1976 for my strongest influences).

The idea is simple. I have a great Broadway musical song which can be exploited for EFL ESL students. The file is sitting here on my desktop, and I want to use it as a soundtrack for a video. The challenge is to find images - stills or… Continue

Added by Mike Marzio2 Comments

Women in ELT - Can you help?

Hi ya,

This is a call-out for help on a piece I would like to do soon on my blog about women in the field of English language teaching, linguistics or anything related to TESOL, TEFL, TESL...

Could you please tell me who influenced your teaching and/or who inspired you to become a better English language teacher?

HOWEVER, there is a small catch - I don't want just names ;-).

I want details!

i.e. not, = Penny Ur

but instead as… Continue

Added by Karenne Sylvester2 Comments

A People's Dictionary - an Internet possibility!

I've long been one who "protests" the dictionary as a form of enslavement! It is a traffic cop, a false prophet saying and prescribing what words are "right" and which are "wrong". BAAAAAAHHHHH

This delightful TED Talk is really entertaining and in her quirky way, this "lexicographer" pleads for technology to liberate words and give us a beautiful dictionary where words , ALL words are equal and beautiful and loved. It's a great watch and you'll pick up a few… Continue

Added by ddeubel — No Comments

Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire! - Using Lies in the Classroom.

I've been thinking recently about how good teachers foster "noticing" in their students. Good teachers somehow get students to notice the "deeper" stuff about language - the nuance and information that just isn't on the surface and easily translatable or apparent. (read more about noticing:…


Added by ddeubel4 Comments

Funemployment.... The life of a TEFL Teacher?

"Funemployment" - I like the term! I came across it in the L.A. Times article below. A term denoting those hit by the recession and who are "stepping back" and taking life a little easier. Many, going abroad and getting valuable yet underpaid experience which will help them in their future careers.

Reminds me of myself back in 1992. Times were tough in Canada and I went to Vancouver to teach there. However, after hanging out for several… Continue

Added by ddeubel2 Comments

June 12,09 ngay met moi (*0*)

mih moi vua tinh co doc blog cua mot nguoi ko quen, nguoi do co noi rang la "Khi yêu, người ta ích kỷ và đòi hỏi. Nhưng khi thương, người ta học cách tha thứ và hy sinh." Cau noi nay that ra bthuog se ko lam minh fai suy nghi ve no dau, nhung bgio, nho lai chuyen xay ra ngay hom wa, minh lai ngam nghi ve no. Minh ko bit rang tinh cam minh co fai la "yeu" ko nhi? Minh cung ich ky, tham chi la rat ich ky, minh cung doi hoi, tham chi la doi hoi nhung dieu minh ko bgio co duoc, tham chi se ko xay… Continue

Added by jasmine — No Comments

June 11,09 Huhu, laptop bi tich thu mat tieu roi

noi chinh xac hon la da bi cup internet, con viec co sap toi co bi tich thu luon cai laptop hay ko van dang la mot van de nan giai!!!! hic. hom nay ko co time, vi use do internet ke nguoi ta, vi vay nen danh tieg viet cho no le, do fai think.

Sap toi sinh nhat cua Lprinz roi, hehe. Minh da len san ke hoach roi, mac du la ko gap nhau duoc, nhung ma cung fai say happy birthday cho my prinz cua minh chu ^_^

Minh fai co gang len, mac du la gap du thu chuyen fien fuc do gia… Continue

Added by jasmine — No Comments

Cross Cultural Special Education Project

I am sending this message to my friends and colleagues on the Education and the Disability social networks. It has been delayed while I ironed out my thinking and that is why I have not been actively during the past week.

Lately, I have begun to glimpse the diversity of what “learning disability” means in countries and regions from Morocco to the Caribbean. From India to Lebanon. I googled “cross cultural learning disability” and came up with two hits, which were a practical joke and… Continue

Added by Robert Zenhausern3 Comments

Expanding Student Opportunity for Learning through Voicethread - a presentation with Joe Heilman at JALT CALL 2009

This is a presentation that Joe Heilman and I did at the 2009 JALT CALL conference. Joe is a fellow member of EFL Classroom 2.0. Actually, a few EFL Classroom 2.0 members helped make this presentation possible including Ronaldo Lima Jr., Larry Ferlazzo, Steve Henneberry, and David Deubelbeiss - who introduced me to voicethread in the first place. I'd love to get more contributions from EFL Classroom 2.0 colleagues. That way our presentation will be be in perpetual BETA!…


Added by Michael Stout2 Comments

Teaching Struggles - Some medicine.

I have the honor and privilege of quite often giving end of year, end of course, graduation and other speeches to teachers. I take it seriously and usually end with a story. Stories work well and inspire. One of the ones I've used most often is this one - MAKE A DIFFERENCE. But I have a number of personal anecdotes and also folktales. You can read many others in the… Continue

Added by ddeubel — No Comments

Can you tell Who is Who?

To me - Peace is about seeing the similarities within us all. We humans are hardwired for "difference". Our egos dominate and our identity over powers. But really 99.9% of us are similar, the same, part of all life. We need this wisdom of seeing the similarities - if we are ever to achieve peace. Teach your students to see "same" and how in our yearnings, our desires, our emotions, our bodies, we all equally participate in the drama of being… Continue

Added by ddeubel1 Comment

June 6, 09 Weekend

Today might be the last day that I can use the laptop, I mean keep the laptop by myself for my uncle is going to take it away. My grandmom told my uncle I'd used the laptop overnight, so so much. So my uncle told my mom and she decided that I must give it to my uncle and only could use on weekend.

I already knew that this thing would happen to me, soon. And sure enough, now it's coming. Now I have more and more difficulties, right? I dun have any chance to talk to u, since we often… Continue

Added by jasmine — No Comments

June 03, 09 Insurance

Today, I must quit the class although I didn't want anymore (*-*) I had to go to my uncle's house so that he would pick me up and went to buy a new insurance. I had problem with my insurance bc of my disease. So scared! This evening, my uncle called me and was very upset bc of my stupidness about asking for the job.

Tomorrow, I will go to the coffee shop with my friend, bro Ricky. Something bad occurred to him, so he is in the bad, somber mood… Continue

Added by jasmine — No Comments

June 01, 09 If I had a million dollars

Today I went to the ESL class and it was the first time I felt good. We just brushed up on all the lessons which I haven't studied >< Then we listened to the song "If I had a million dollars." It's really great. It's famous in Canada, but I am not sure if here's too.

It's a love song, u will realize when u listen scrupulously. I like 2 sentences of it. One is "If I had a million dollars, I'd buy u a monkey!" so funny. The other one is "If I had a million dollars, I'd be… Continue

Added by jasmine1 Comment

Playing with Powerpoint

Some things are better left undone, and this might be one of them. I've spent the last few days trying to get a big powerpoint file to convert to flash. So much of what happened didn't even make sense- how come a movie would work in a slide show at one sitting, and not at the next? Same movie! How come one movie would convert to flash, and the other two wouldn't? Same file type!! But I did it, and here it is.... at this point, I've got to post!

I'm curious to see if the pptx file… Continue

Added by Ellen Pham3 Comments

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