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Inspiring & motivating - how it should be

I'm a newbie here.

I teach ESL (settlement English) to adult refugees and immigrants.

My class has been working this term to create short movies about 'How to catch public transport' for students at a lower level. It has been a steep learning curve for us all but oh so inspiring in so many ways. They have just gone for it. They're engaged, excited and teaching each other along the way. I'm stepping into the background - there to support if needed.

Now we' re organising a showcase of our work. I've encouraged them to take charge of this and it's like nothing I've seen. Here is language in action - language for a purpose. They're negotiating, leading, organising - you name it. I was really really inspired by what I saw today. Here they're able to draw on knowledge and skills that we probably give little time for ordinarily. I watched today as one of my students - watched our speaker rehearse today and then gave clear, useful guidance about how they should walk to the microphone, how they should stand, and where they should look (eye contact). He was drawing on knowledge from his community and told us about how he'd been taught this within his community. There were also students helping each other with translations of speeches - discussing the most appropriate terminology, the grammar etc.

I had to laugh when after watching another presentation in our school - the two leaders of our showcase rushed up and said, 'we've got lots of ideas now'. They had come up with a list of what we should and should not do when presenting our showcase. They were right on the money in so many ways.

So my big challenge now is to think how do I create this environment - this community of practice more often. How do I make it the foundation of my classroom practice.

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Comment by Daniel Craig on November 29, 2007 at 4:52am
Congratulations Greg! You've had an experience that many of us dream about. Though I've tried over and over again, I've never gotten that response. I've never been able to move it beyond completion of an assignment.

One thing you might consider to make more connections with community groups and ask them what types of instructional products that could use. Then tell your students that they are developing learning resources for the community group and that the best learning is teaching :)

This gives them a project with stakeholders that they are responsible for, a community with which they can identify, and a real purpose beyond just the classroom. Not to mention, it takes the load off of you a little in terms of ideas.

One other approach would be to survey incoming students on some of the most frustrating/confusing/etc things that they have encountered as recent immigrants. Then have them develop materials based on the most popular responses. These could then be offered to students or the community at large as aids in adjusting to their new locales.

Depending on the number of languages represented in your community/classroom, you might also consider them doing dual/multi-language projects aimed at providing assistance to those who don't have the language skills to process English-only content.

Exciting possibilities....I've got to do this myself :)


Comment by ddeubel on November 30, 2007 at 1:42am

Sounds like an amazing class! Sometimes it is the class itself which opens our eyes and let's us see the possibilities and really motivates us as teachers to change. I've had a few classes in my own past that did just that. They were a great learning community, teaching each other....

I often try to promote this type of classroom culture by turning my lesson plan on its head. Meaning, plan a regular lesson then start from the "extension" or production "engage" (whichever format/acronym you are following) activity. Let them show you and explore first, then narrow down the lesson and practice / prepare .

Inductive methodology and discovery are forced with this kind of approach.

Also, especially with adults, asking them what they want to do, learn, is a great approach. Even so far as a needs analysis.

But keep up the great work and let them know about the learning resources available here also!

I taught in a LINC program (language instruction for newcomers to Canada) for years in Canada and it is an amazing experience, helping these people with their lives. I felt much like a father sometimes.... humbling and honoured job.


Comment by Greg Oz on November 30, 2007 at 10:43pm
Hey Dan and David

Thks for your input. Am really appreciating the level of support you can get through technologies like ning.

Will digest both your ideas - as there's lots you've offered me to consider and much that I'd take on.

The class had a rehearsal for their showcase in the big auditorium yesterday which was really exciting for most of them - they had importance I guess.

They've pretty much taken charge and were organising the rehearsal with little input from me. So I'm very keen to see how it'll pan out.

Comment by Connie Weber on December 3, 2007 at 4:46pm
What you and your students are doing, Greg, is a great model for all of us!
I'll show the inspiring student-made videos to my class.

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