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Started by ddeubel in Websites / links / access to new resources / communities.. Last reply by Nadeem Nawaz Jul 16. 102 Replies

We are now in our 3rd edition of "Site of the Day"! Hundreds of the best sites for teaching/learning. See #1 and…Continue

Tags: collection, list, web 2.0, resources, websites

ABCs - Alphabet Resources or Ideas?

Started by NEWS NOW in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by Amelia Meirizka Jun 20. 73 Replies

I guess the alphabet is our bread and butter.Got any good ideas for teaching it or using it…Continue

Tags: children, abc, kids, phonics, reading

Learning Designs

Started by Elise in Teaching and Methodology Mar 27. 0 Replies

I was wondering what you all thought of learning designs pertaining to English language teaching? What are the ways in which you design your lessons to achieve better learning in your students?Continue

A NEW way to teach PHRASAL VERBS so that your students understand and remember them

Started by Andromeda Jones in Teaching and Methodology Dec 31, 2018. 0 Replies

Phrasal verbs are a verb + preposition, adverb or particle. Teaching…Continue

Tags: prepositions, teach, verbs, phrasal


For some time now I've been reflecting on my identity. One's identity is formed through interactions between one's nature, roles and environments. In other words, it's rather complicated, and simplifying it in order to make it manageable is a formidable task indeed. My new profile picture is my latest attempt to accomplish this task. The image consists of 3 major L-shaped brush strokes. They represent three words describing my approach to life: Loving, Laughing and Learning. The strokes are arranged to form a T-shape. The T-shape represents teaching. I was inspired to choose words beginning with "L" by Curtis Kelly who has described the EFL learners that many of us teach as 3 L learners. The three "L"s are Low proficiency, Low motivation and Low self esteem. This describes many of the learners I teach and it describes many of the learners that Native English speaking teachers in Japan teach, often by default. 3 L students inspire us to love, laugh and learn, and they inspire us to encourage them to love, laugh and learn too. We inspire each other toward the positive. The last two strokes in the image are a period and a comma, representing language. Put all together the 5 strokes form a smiling face. The background is yellow ochre, one of my favourite colours - Van Gogh's favourite too, I think. The background has the texture of paper. There also two lotus flower stamps in the background. The lotus flower symbolises peace. Peace is a universal value, and it is of particular importance in the cultural mythologies of Canada and Japan.
Your comments are most welcome and I hope you'll share your own thoughts and/or images illustrating identity.

Downloads: 1067

Comment by Ellen Pham on April 26, 2009 at 5:01am
It's striking, Michael. When I signed on to EFL today I immediately noticed your profile pic in the top bar, and thought, whose pic is that? I think I'll click to see who that is... I can't remember thinking that before, maybe but not often. The expressiveness of it comes through.

Comment by Michael Stout on April 26, 2009 at 5:13am
Thanks Ellen! It's great that the image itself makes an impression. Perhaps the explanation wasn't necessary at all. Cheers!

Comment by Mike Marzio on April 26, 2009 at 7:18am
Excellent, Michael. And the explanation was necessary, for me at least. And if that ain't ART, I don't know what is.

Comment by Roselink on April 26, 2009 at 7:53am
Well, Michael, I don't know what to say. The question of identity is such a question...........

I'm really impressed with your reflections on your new image, you are an artist!!! a painter! The 3 L's thing is quite true everywhere, I'm afraid, regarding teachers and sts alike.

In my view, teachers very often miss the affective side (filter hypothesis¿?) and motivation as Mary Finocchario put it :

Motivation is the feeling nurtured primarily by the classroom teacher in the learning situation. The moment of truth - the enhancement of motivation - occurs when the teacher closes the classroom door, greets his students with a warm, welcoming smile, and proceeds to interact with various individuals by making comments or asking questions which indicate personal concerns.

I still don't really know why I picked a real photo for my profile here, I normally use badges, banners or just funny images. I guess I have a problem of multi-identity. I think I'll follow your examples and change it more often. All in all, it's nice to see people real faces here.

You can see some of my profile images below, and have your say if you want to.

This is the one I twitter with

This is one I use in some Spanish environments or contexts

One of my faves, this a female teacher making progress in ICT competence. To me, it is very important for (Spanish) teachers not to be left behind and to work towards bridging the digital gap.

This one represents my love for music and my (long time forgotten) rebel and inconformist spirit.

This was one of the first, too naive, too childish but good wishes are always welcome

Comment by ddeubel on April 26, 2009 at 9:55am

You've inspired me to do something with my own borning photo! I'm going to start thinking...amazing and I don't know where you begin and Picasso starts! This reminds me of his ink drawings.....


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