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Started by Christina Shepherd in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Oct 26. 1 Reply

How does implementation help you out throughout the year? I am curious to know what things have worked for you and what things have not worked for you through an implementation standard.  Continue

ABCs - Alphabet Resources or Ideas?

Started by NEWS NOW in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Sep 19. 74 Replies

I guess the alphabet is our bread…Continue

Tags: children, abc, kids, phonics, reading

Top 5 Game

Started by susie silver in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Sep 17. 14 Replies

Hi David Maybe its obvious to some but I'm not sure how to play and I also want to create a top 5 game as well. What is the point of it. There are always 5 answers. Do the students guess according to…Continue

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Use of L1 in the ESL classroom

Started by Evanthia Pogiatzi in Teaching and Methodology. Last reply by ddeubel Sep 10. 4 Replies

Hi people, i'm doing a research on whether is good for English language teachers to use the L1 of the students or the target language (English) when teaching in the classroom. So i would really…Continue

Tags: teaching, methodology, language, l1




Using Music & Song When Teaching

I remember my beginning days as an English teacher now 20+ years on. Dusty, cold, dirty rag, bucket and chalkboard in a cavernous top floor classroom in E. Europe.  Cambridge books we had to "get through".  I could only survive due to 2 things:  English pub night Friday evenings and adding songs to the monotonous routine of teaching (and of course, lovely students - Vera, Petr, Karl, Zuzanna - remember them all). 

Yes, songs just brought us all together in the classroom. And since that time, developing into a teacher trainer - I've literally become a "song pusher".  First it was "Karaoke" and getting teachers to make their own.  The it was innovative games to play with song - like Lastonestanding. Finally, it was just endlessly posting about how teachers can use songs in their teaching. 

I've been off that bandwagon for awhile but with this post, would like to climb back on.  Here's a look at a few of my resources for teaching English with song and a list of activities you can do - teaching recipes. 

To begin, find here my presentation on Using Song In The EFL Classroom. Click the images to go to a resource that compliments each idea.  The presentation covers all the reason you should use songs extensively in your teaching (if you can get away with it).  Click here for an audio lecture version.

Get and download the "50 ways to use music and song in the English language classroom".

Secondly, here are a few links to great resources right here on this community - free to all. My own collecting and hoarding to benefit other teachers. 

-  Song lyrics sheets  --  all the videos with lyric sheets.  All our song and music resources.

-  Karaoke in the classroom. Download the player and player the karaoke files.

    Video examples + Kids Karaoke Videos

-  Song lyric ebook and songs!  Best Second Language Singers  ebook and songs! 

-  Best blog posts about songs.  Also a search of everything on our community. 

-  Best Kinetic typography on the web - a great example of using song. 

-  Our Project Peace - an amazing project. Why not make your own with your class? Or do a doodle video?

-  Literal version collection of great contextual music videos

-  Try our Music Wall. Great for just relaxing too. 


Teaching Recipes For Using Songs In Your Teaching

1. Students listen and order the lines of the song that have been mixed up.

2. Students listen and decide what kind of song it is – romantic? song with a message?

3. Students listen and select the best of 3 possible titles for the song.

4. Students listen and complete a copy of the lyrics with gaps.

5. Students find and underline examples of a particular grammar point in a song.

6. Students study two or three unfamiliar idioms from a song and try to work out what they mean.

7. Students listen and decide which one of three pictures best represents the song.

8. Students listen and answer True/ False or multi-choice questions.

9. Students rewrite the lyrics of a song, trying to fit their words to the melody.

10. Students listen and select the best of 3 one-sentence summaries of the song.

11. Students listen to confirm their predictions about the content of a song based on having looked at 5 key            

       vocabulary items listed by the teacher.                       

12. Students listen and answer comprehension questions about the song.

13. Students do a role play based on characters or a situation from the song.

14. Students sing the song together as the CD plays.

15. Students listen in order to identify and correct a wrong word in each line of the  song.

16. Students are given a list of words from the song. They match together the words  that rhyme, then listen

      and complete a gap-fill of the lyrics using those words.

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Comment by Mehdi Saba on June 8, 2014 at 3:16pm

Hi,  I am a Grammar and vocabulary teacher. I find myself a little bit boring teacher. please help me to enhance my method.


Comment by Risna Asita Sari on June 10, 2014 at 4:46am

I am glad to read your ideas about using song and music in teaching-learning process since after reading your posting, I have gotten many new ideas about how to use both song and music in my English class, especially for focusing on my listening class. During the time, I only think that song and music will only be used in listening class, but after reading your posting, I’ve gained some new ideas about using both song and music not only for listening class, but also for the other English classes, such as: reading, speaking, writing, or even in a grammar material.

 One of the ways to use both song and music that I’ve known before, is only through using true and false questions to check students’ understanding about the content of the audio they have listened to. During the period, I never think that fun song and music can also be used for learning language. Yet, it has great potential to engage students’ attention since they love them. So, thank you for sharing those great ideas and useful links Mr. ddeubel  ^_^ . Those are very nice information. J

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